You, you, you, and You is a 1962 song sung by Walter Hedgehog, Xenophanes Gryphon, and The Spring Penguin(at the end). The song is featured in Road to Broadway!


Xenophanes Gryphon:

Bum, bum....BUM!

Walter Hedgehog:

Oh, who...who!


Off from the Pacific,

Aren't I specific

that the life of the Atlantic

is in its antics...

Walter Hedgehog:

Isn't it clear,

life just isn't life without and you.

Xenophanes Gryphon:

Your just a show-off

and a know-it-all

with your sly brain

and your migraine

lest, I imigaine,

life would be best without YOU!

Walter Hedgehog:

Oh, poor little griffin

"desperate" 's your tiffin,

with your poor beak,

and your weak teeth,

and all beneath

(turns to four beautiful girls)

sure life is a pleasure,

If I could have all you, you, you, and you!

Xenophanes Gryphon:

Hey, Mr. Armageddon,

aren't you forgettin',

that the bright time

of a lifetime

is in the good time

oh, you are pathetic, to be a one like YOU!

Walter Hedgehog:

Hey, Mr. Stupid,

I'm Mr. Cupid,

with my quills for the arrow

that, you should borrow,

if you could just listen

you could be the one without mousse.

Xenophanes Gryphon:

Well, you conceited little loser!

You are a Zagoober

Walter Hedgehog(quickly,spoken):


Xenophanes Gryphon:

But may I can add to you

your less man than a goose!

Walter and Xenophanes:

Well, if you could smell the sunshine,

it could be worth the thine!

Walter Hedgehog:

And trust me, pal!

Your heart will truly shine!

Xenophanes Gryphon:

But if you could see with my eye,

you could imigaine and sigh a lovely sigh!

Walter Hedehog(spotlight moves upward, Walter runs towards it and sings):

With a little bit of luck.

Xenophanes Gryphon(does the same):

And a heart strong like a buck.

Walter Hedgehog(continues):

With a feeling like gold!

Xenophanes Gryphon

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