Walter Hedgehog Strikes Again! is a picture show of September 20th, 1980.


Garland once again tries to foil Walter, this time by dressing up as a beggar and asking for $1,000 just to sue Walter for an injury he made up. But, when Walter says he's broke. Then, Garland challenges Walter Hedgehog to a wrestling match. But however, when Walter wins, Garland snaps to insanity, and is then hired for a news reporter/newspaper editor. Garland then tricks the world into believing that Walter stole a valuable diamond, and many treasurers are on the hunt to kill Walter and Xenophanes. The Spring Penguin arrives and tells Xenophanes about the news. Walter is later informed and the both of them move to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Walter and Xenophanes find a stack of newspapers of Garland's news on the front page! They later destroy them and all the other newspapers they could find. Even the newspapers other people have read or have not read yet! Then, Walter andf Xenophanes go into a motel. Walter, sneaks out at night, and gambles money.However, Walter loses both his AND Xenphane's money, and soon the police find him and sends Walter to jail!

Walter was about to be executed the next day. However, when Xenophanes finds out Walter's in jail, he tries to bail him out, but he has no money! So, Xenophanes rushes to court and acts like Walter's lawyer. However, Walter loses the case and is about to be executed. However, a large diamond suddenly pops out of Garland's pocket, who arrived to saw Walter's death. But then, the executioner decideds to let Walter go, and Garland is sent to prison for twenty-five years.


Danny DeVito- Walter Hedgehog

'Don Knotts- Xenophanes Gryphon'/The Executioner

Unknown- The Spring Penguin

Whitman Mayo- Garland

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