Bishop Uilleam Ottoman I of Scotland (c. 1910 - 23 February 1982; aged 71-72) was the son of Howard IV. Uilleam was the last Bishop of Scotland, since his infamous promise of renewal was broken. Uilleam was served as a valuable asset in The Reich Wars. Despite not being German, Bishop Uilleam was a significant and independent member of the Nazi Party, however, he was not in the Reich Party. His role in The Reich Wars were to convince the outermost European countries that Germany was the ultimate country, causing countries to lose patriotism. Uilleam, aside from being the last Bishop of Scotland, is that he blessed Napoleon II as the new political leader of the Reich Party. Uilleam I is a Scottish politican.

Uilleam during the remains of the Germanic Reich Kommandantur
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Papacy began

21 September 1963

Ended 23 February 1982(19 years,

Predecessor Howard IV
Ordination 29 June 1951
by Thomas Komper
Consecration 28 May 1977
by Josef Stangl
Created Cardinal 27 June 1977
Personal details
Birth name Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger

1910 Marktl, Bavaria, Germany

Death: 23 February 1982

Nationality German (along with Vatican citizenship)
Denomination Roman Catholic
Parents Joseph Ratzinger, Sr., Maria Ratzinger
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Coat of arms [2]
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