Turquoise(born in April 21st, 1892-May 15th, 1962) was the main antagonist of Road to Broadway! and the first major antagonist in the Walter Hedgehog franchise. Despite his name, Turquoise is a pink bear. He is similar to probably the care bears or Lotso, the main antagonist of Toy Story 3. The only difference is that Turquoise is far more dangerous and greedy. Despite being a clever mastermind, Turquoise is sometimes an idiot, as he likes to talk to inanimate objects, even though he has minions. He was voiced by Dean Martin.


Turquoise is an evil bear, who uses his clever wits and flattery to get what he wants. Turquoise is also lonely, as he sticks to talking to inanimate objects than his own minons. He is also very manipulative, using either Fauntleroy or his acorn-like minions to do his dirty work in excuse for his laziness.

Turquoise is the name of many things, which is confusing. But, it was revealed that Turquoise was named after the diamond, which is blue-green, but Turquoise is pink with a white underbelly.

Songs sung by TurquoiseEdit

"Sway"/Almondal/From Clay, to Plaster, to Bronze/Thoughtless

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