The Walter Hedgehog Movie is a 1967 picture show being the last film before the "Walter Hedgehog" series began in the Day before New Years in 1969.


Walter Hedgehog and Xenophanes Gryphon meet an Italian eagle named Craig Morzanos who askes Walter what time it is. Walter, being an ceasily-offended person, calls Craig Morzanos out and pours Xenophanes's pie all over Craig and the two exit immediately. Craig , being a "retired" serial killer, then gets back on his feet and hires five other murderers to get Walter. The Spring Penguin and Xenophanes, aware of this, save Walter's life from all five off them, although, Walter has no idea he is in danger, he tells Xenophanes and the Spring Penguin to "give him some elbow space."

The 5 murderers inform Craig that Xenophanes and the Spring Penguin are in the way, so Craig throws the two in the dungeon. Then, when The Patriot Parrot tells Walter about Craig going to get him, Walter is nervous and buys a plane ticket to Utah, but Giovanni finds out and does the same thing as well.

Craig follows Walter to the airport and chases him all over, which is the climax of the film. The running scene ends with Craig tripping over a pole and falling, crushing his beak. Craig moans and Walter says to Cyraig "Release Xenophanes because he pays the rent, but you can keep The Spring Penguin because he's completely useless."

Craig lies and says yes. He also askes Walter that he dropped his contact lens, and Walter falls for it. Craig then gets up on his feet and pulls out a rifle. When Walter sees it, Walter puts his hands in the air. But, luckily, a police officer saw them and told Craig to release Walter's friends and be sentenced to execution.


Carrol O'Connor-Walter Hedgehog/Police Officer/Craig Morzanos

Don Knotts-Xenophanes Gryphon

Unknown-The Spring Penguin

Moe Howard-Murderer #1

Judy Garland-Murderer #2

Jerry Van Dyke-Muderer #3

(Murderer #4 was mute)

Jesse Corti-Murderer #5

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