The logo of the German Reich. The stairs of German color represent "rising to freedom" and 23 represented the years that the German Reich was in order. "Flammenwerferenheit 23 der bundespolizei" is "Flamethrower unit 23 of the federal office", it really means "Weapons held the office for 23 years", because most of the party was in war.

The National Socialist German Industry' Party (German:Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Industrie-Partei,abbreviated NDIP) or commonly known as Die deutschen politischen Empire or most commonly the Das Reich der Überlegenheit and The Reich Party were a united international political party that was founded in 1962 and dissolved in 1984. Into 1974, it was changed to Das Internationale Übereinkommen von Reich (English: The International Agreement of Reich) since practically all of Europe was in its party. Dr. Isaac Greenriver was its leader from between 1962 to 1979 and Napoleon Bone from 1979 to 1984. When Greenriver commited suicide in 1983, Bishop Uilleam annoited Bone as the Reich's leader with his blessings.

Eventually, the Reich Party noticed that America's job oppourtunities were higher than Germany's, and, Greenriver ordered war on the United States. THe war resulted in a World War, and soon, Germany fought the allies and axises of the war. The War resulted in The Reich War, a series of wars in which allies and axises fought off. Europe, Asia, North America, and South America, and Africa were all part of it. Australia served as a neutral alliance. Bishop XXVIII supported The Reich Party, and his main promise was the Scots into partnership with the Germans. Although the Bishop did not want war, he did want the Scots to have the higher advantage.

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