Tennis Match with Hannah Stromboli is the title of an episode of McMeister.

Chloe McMeister and Hannah Stromboli often had tennis matches in which they would take on an extreme level! They would endlessly make out because unlike most people, Chloe actually did trust Hannah and treated her like an actual friend until the time Chloe found out that Hannah was a spy sent by the government to overthrown Chloe and thrown her to the dungeon. Until then, they were the best of friends.

Weekly tennis matches would often occur when Chloe was on a good mood, and she would often ask Hannah to play with her. They would often kiss before starting, stating that they don't really care who wins, and the tennis match would reguarly turn into a sexual relationship. This happens almost every time.

However, even if Chloe is in a good mood, she still hates losing. Hannah, knowing how Chloe hates losing, would often let her win.



Chloe and Hannah are skilled opponenets, which worries Chloe deeply. The match would often start at between seven o' clock to 7:15.

To avoid losing, Chloe would serve first, often hitting places Hannah cannot reach, which causes Chloe to get more points. Then, after Chloe serves, normally Hannah would strike next. Most of the times, Chloe cannot catch up with the ball, and would make up phony rules, such as:

  • If Chloe cannot catch the ball, that counts as a foul
  • Hitting the ball over the head and below feet counts as a foul

This would also result in Hannah having no choice but to let Chloe win.



Benefits for ChloeEdit

(look above) Because Chloe can do whatever she wants, she is more likely to win more than Hannah, although Hannah is never upset, as she grows fond of losing and shows true sportmanship, besides, she cannot do anything anyways with Chloe mixing up the rules every game and haing to either let Chloe win or face the chances of being thrown into a dungeon. Chloe has more of a chance of winning than Hannah, even though she is not a professional. Chloe is also allowed to make up her own rules, when Hannah doesn't. Chloe, being the upper hand, has a more chance of winning than Hannah if you have read this paragraph or the sentence below.

Benefits of HannahEdit


Despite Chloe having most of the benefits, Hannah seems to haven advantages as well. She is a champion at tennis, which makes Chloe often worry. When Chloe misses one of Hannah' throws(which is very often), Chloe would come close to losing. The only possible way Chloe could win is by cheating. Hannah also has better strength than Chloe and can hit much better.


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