Rodriquezis the manipulaitve guinea pig from Maxwell. He is a Polish guinea pig with former Latin American owners. Because he spent most of his time with his former family, Rodriguez eventually devoloped a Mexican Accent. He is a Teddy Satin-Agourti breed guinea pig.


Rodriguez was born in Szklarska Poręba, Poland in August 4th, 2005(being what he says "45 in guinea pig years"). He was imported to a rich family in Santiago, Chile. He is the archenemy of Gaylord, a minor antagonist in the film because Rodriguez kept coming into his cave without permission. Rodriguez is poor mannered for this reason, and is very manipulative, using Maxwell for a personal bodyguard. However, he does not think most things through. He stole a cave from a bear, despite it could kill a guinea pig within seconds.

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