Pokosule, a unique Napeleon Himalayan(or Persian) Cat, native to the land of Nico-land. Pokosule is also a break-out character in Nico-land.


Pokosule is a unique species of NH(P)C. She talks in a higher voice than most Napelon's her age and is much smaller also. All of her species are pink, but during late fall-mid winter, her fur is silky white to camouflage in the winter.


The pink(and most common)version of Pokosule


Pokosule, like all juvenile Napeleons, are adorable. But, their different coats make them seem different, even if you see one at May and the same one again on January. Here are the differences.

White Version Edit

Napeleons in their white coats are fimilar fo their large eyes and their small pupils compared to a summer Napeleon. They have smaller ears that seem bigger with tufts like a lynx. They have silky plush, white fur that is great for camouflage. However, Pokosule likes to stay pink. The white versions of Napeleons have complete heterochromia; one eye being blue, the other being green.

Pokosule can also be a villian sometimes, the most proven fact was The Cheesy Version of Humpty Dumpty,'in which see lusted for cheese so much that she almost killed Charles to get it.

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