Mr. Fix-It is a parody of Albert Einstein, but is more of a twisted version of him. Mr. Fix-It, as his name applies, is an engineer. He can build almost anything imaginable, from a paper airplane to an automatic rocket! Mr. Fix-It is also a part-time college teacher. He earned his master's degree at just 13 years old, being 69 today(born in March 18th, 1941), which is just four days apart from the actual Albert Einstein's birthday! However, Mr. Fix-It's birthday came from Einstein being born in March and died in the 18th of April!


Mr. Fix-It is an skinny, orange humanoid with a ducktail-like hairstyle, and an all-white moustache. He has no eyes, hands, or feet in his pink/orange form, but in movies, he is shown completely human, but looks older.


A rare pink Mr. Fix-It(who only appears in specials)

Mr. Fix-It is an intelligent man, although he is found to be sometimes clueless, the biggest proff was in Return of the Hedgehog, which he kept building The Garfield Gar machines that kept backfiring. He is stated to have a brain that is 5x the size of a normal humans' brain! Mr. Fix-It has an Austrian accent, which is provided by Peter Alexander(In Return of The Hedgehog-2007) and Daran Norris(2007-present). Mr. Fix-It is smarter than most people of Lincoln Wood. He is also one of the few people living there. He is so smart, that he even created an acronym for his own name!







The most common Mr. FIx-It, who appears in the series.



Albert einstein professor

Mr. Fix-It as he appears in the movies.

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