Maxwell is the name of the 2010 film about Maxwell, the protagonist of the film who moves out of his parents house because he is unpleased to continue in their footsteps(March 25th, 2010).

Voice cast(by appearence)Edit

Ma-Rhea Perlman

Pa/Peanut Butter/Jelly-Danny DeVito

Maxwell-David Spade

Dock-Martin Short

Sunshine/Cheerio-Paul Reubens

Sarge/Crocodile-Kiefer Sutherland

McBeaver/Donkey Dan-Chris Wlyde

Rodriguez-George Lopez

Gaylord-Patrick Warburton

Gaylord(vocal lyrics)-Frank Welker

Earl-David Lander

Macy-Betty White


Edna-Jennifer Grey

Madame Medium-Mary Testa

Walsh/Cashmere-Billy Zane

Ben-Conrad Vernon

Coju-Kevin Kline

Bill(foreign voice)/Gangguan-Jesse Corti

Bill(american voice)-Benjamin Diskin

Cupcake-Susie Essman

Gunther von Dönitz-Klaus Grünberg


Jahat Setan-Edward James Olmos

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