Maxwell,inspired by a fictional character from a GEICO commercial, is a domesticated pig who appeared in the film of the same name.He is the supposed best friend of Rodriguez, who is also an anti-hero in the film. Maxwell's goal in the film is to find a new home, as he moved out of his parent's home in the beginning of the film, but later moves back in. Maxwell is also the archenemy of Dock, a crocodile, who is also the main antagonist of the film. Like in the GEICO commercial, Maxwell is voiced by David Spade. Like how he did in the commercial, he is seen with a car with pinwheels on his "hands" saying "WEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"


Maxwell was inspired by a pig that appeared in a GEICO commercial. In a GEICO advertising campaign(a rhetortical question campaign) in which actor Mike McGlone would walk into an empty room and ask the viewer, "Could switching to GEICO save you 15 percent or more on car insurance?" which is one of many commercials, but in the specific commercial in which Maxwell appears, he also says, "Did the little piggy cry[[Category: ]]

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