Cat raccoon

Jinx(October 9th, 201 BC) is a mystical feline/raccoon that appears in the twelfth Zamboni game called Zamboni VII: You Wish! . She has all of the powers a human being can think of, including granting wishes. In her first appearance, Cyrus finds her and she grants his wish to build a robot that can destroy Zamboni and Buzzard! Eventually, the robot is destroyed by Zamboni, freeing Jinx. After defeating Cyrus, Zamboni and Buzzard receive a cheddarite and Jinx dissolves into the air. She was the first female character in the series.


Jinx is a cat-raccoon hybrid, meaning that she has the characteristics of both animals. She has the tail of a raccoon, that have reached the peak of her ears. She also has the dexerity of a raccoon, able to pick up objects. But, these may be the only characteristics she has with raccoons, since the rest of her is cat.

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