Jicho the Lion (born in October 9th, 1995) is the main protagonist of Jicho's Journey, a 1998 3D documentary-thriller film. He is an African Lion whose parents were killed by a murderous wolf, named Mauaji, who was introduced in Africa by the time of his birth. Jicho would travel around the world to hunt down his enemy and kill him for good. Jicho means "eye" in Swahili.


2 unknown parents-Jicho's parents have been mentioned by the narrator numerous times about their death. They seemed to be very protective parents, as they fought to protect their only cub, Jicho. But, as they weren't strong enough, as they were killed by Mauaji.

Mauaji- Jicho never had much of a relationship with Mauaji until the climax. When he fought/killed him. It is obvious that Jicho hated him

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