Gim is Archibald's "best friend". But he is imiginary. He first appeared in the first book of the "Zamboni" series. He is described by Archibald as a strong and faithful campainan, in which Archibald created since the late 1950s. Although he created Gim, Archibald said that he met Gim in a supermarket, and he asked Gim

"Which dental floss should I get; Minty or Peppermint?"

And Gim answered, "Minty."

Which Archibald says, "That's what I was thinking, too!"

Ironically, Gim is part of Archibald's mind, so they should think alike, so Gim and Archibald became the best of friends.

Role in "Zamboni"Edit

Gim has rather a small role in Zamboni. He appears in none of the games and appears in but one book. Gim appears in the original "Zamboni" book; in page 69. He is first "seen" when he is doing the mambo with Archibald in a fire when Zamboni had a cold. Zamboni, sick in bed, tells Archibald to fetch him a glass of water, but Zamboni then hears the fire detector and jumps out of the bed, running into the kitchen and sees Archibald doing the mambo in a fire! Zamboni, infuriated, punches Archibald into outer space, and the open air dissolves the fire.

On the next page, Zamboni shows how he met Archibald and Gim, which means that Archibald created Gim before he met Zamboni.


On page 71, It tells of Zamboni, Archibald, and "Gim" fighting a monster. The monster did a power move and missed Zamboni and Archibald, but Archibald stated that "Gim was hit by the move and was dead."


Gim's "funeral" was held at March 9th. Zamboni, the only one who came to the funeral(besides Archibald) was asked to speak a few words. However, Zamboni comments "SO LONG, GIM!", which seems to cause Archibald to cry.

Relationship with ZamboniEdit

Gim, being an imaginary creature, has no relation with any character, although other characters have a relationship with him. Zamboni, overall, literally hates him, as he considers him to be an annoyance, but it is really

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