Angry Cyrus

Cyrus Giovanni (born in March 25th, 1947)is an anthropomorphic crow and the primary antagonist of the Zamboni series. Cyrus has a greedy personality, caring for only himself. Cyrus is also very lazy, having cheddarites do all his dirty work. Cyrus speaks in a German accent. Cyrus' powers include breathing fire and making new cheddarites, mainly to throw at Zamboni.

Cheddar is Cyrus' most notable cheddarite, who looks fairly peaceful but is as evil as Cyrus himself. They do not have much powers, thy can shoot lasers from their mouths to hit Zamboni or simply push him off platforms. They do not speak English but understand it. Cyrus seems to do the same thing to them. They only hoot, beep, and whoop occasionally.


Cyrus Giovanni is a cruel and manipulative character, setting as the main antagonist of the Zamboni series, and he has that role for a reason. Even though Cyrus seems like a gentlemen, he is really an evil animal. He has several creatures that work for him that he calls Cheddarites, who were cloned and named after their main creature, Cheddar. Like Cyrus, Cheddar may look nice but is evil, although Cyrus is by far more evil than Cheddar, who's main plot of crime includes stealing ice cream. However, Cheddar is not "pure" evil, he is just easily influenced, and Cyrus is able to manipulate anybody with a false trust and a simple little lie.

Cyrus Giovanni is a black bird, who may be a crow, raven, and less likely, a jackdaw.Cyrus has red tail feathers and the underside of its wings are partially red. Cyrus has a feathery collar that resembles a long white beard (or the white dress shirt of a fancy men's suit). Cyrus has a straight, yellow beak, circular eyes with red pupils, and a feather crest that resembles a fedora with a feather in the band. Cyrus is based on a crow with aspects of a crime boss (judging by the fedora and its habit of stealing from others) or a pimp (judging by its fedora-like crest, its feathers that resemble a cape). It also resembles the beaked plague doctors of the seventeenth century.


Cyrus Giovanni, like many villians,

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