Craig Morzanos(March 18th, 1931-March 15th, 1967; aged 35) is the main antagonist of The Walter Hedgehog Movie. He is a shaved Italian eagle that speaks with a thick Italian accent, and the second major antagonist Walter has met, after Turquois, the main antagonist of Road to Broadway.

Craig is shaved for an unknown reason, as he was like this from the time he was first shown to his death. He is a "retired" murderer, meaning as though he stopped murdering, but when Walter pushes his buttons, Craig goes to his old self and attempts to kill Walter.

Life before The Walter Hedgehog MovieEdit

Craig Morzanos was a successful serial killer, who famously commited the murders of over 20 people before the film, luckily, they were not major Walter Hedgehog characters or characters that even appeared in the series before.


As shown in The Walter Hedgehog Movie, Craig was adopted by a falcon family in late 1938, for he was abandoned during infancy. His falcon family, as Craig stated, were

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