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Coju(along with Maxwell, Dock, Rodriguez, and Cupcake) is one of the main characters in Maxwell. He is a Japanese Spitz. He is the enemy of Cupcake, another main character and anti-hero. Coju(KO-WHOO) is the best friend of Maxwell, the main protagonist. He is a supporting protagonist and is voiced by Kevin Kline.


Coju's name is a mispelling of Cujo, which means "unstoppable force" in Ancient Indian, and from the main antagonist from the Stephen King book. However, to keep the character from being mixed up from the character of the Stephen King book, the vowels were rearaggened. However, the name Coju stuck, and was the permanent name of the dog.

The breed of the dog was challenging, as Coju was supposed to be a loyal German Shepherd, but the idea was scrapped for unknown reasons. Then, Coju was changed from a German Shepherd to a German Spitz, but the Spitz did not get along with the pig that was used for Maxwell, Pinky. So, because the German Spitz was supposed to be the last dog breed suggested, Coju was changed to a Japanese Spitz, which looked like a minituare version of a German Spitz.

Coju, had neutral relations with Maxwell at first, as well as

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