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Chickendoodle is a secondary antagonist who first appeared in Nico-Land:The movie, which is also the season finale of the series. Chickendoodle first appeared watching angrily from a distance, seeing his servants working to build a grand statue of himself. Then, Charles and Pokosule come to see Chickendoodle. They are disgusted at what they see and confront Chickendoodle. Chickendoodle immediately tells his servants to place Charles and Pokosule in jail. There, they are lead through Chickendoodle's castle. When Chickendoodle's servants are confused where to go, they are attacked by Charles and him and Pokosule escape. Chickendoodle is informed and chases them. However, Chickendoodle is scared away by fire.

Chickendoodle appears again in the middle of the movie, serving himself eggs that were laid by his own wife and eats them, afraid that he might be overthrown. Then, he looks(and finds)Charles and Pokosule in the Meltoplix. He attacks them but is defeated and is left inside the Meltoplix, which explodes because of Quillieam's bomb.


Because he has slaves that endlessly work for him, Chickendoodle is possibly a monarch, or royalty of an upper level. He has to be ranked higher to have slaves and build a statue for him as the slaves show no appreciation.

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