A cartoonist is a person who specializes in drawing cartoons. Much of this work is humorous, usually created for some entertainment, political commentary or advertising. Throughout the 20th century, cartoons were widely published in print media of various kinds, featured in magazines such as The New Yorker and Punch and distributed to newspapers through such organizations as King Features Syndicate. Today, both original cartoons and vintage cartoons can be found online.

Cartoonists may work in many different formats: single-panel gag cartoons, editorial cartoons, comic strips, comic books, graphic novels or animation. A cartoonist traditionally developed rough sketches into finished pencil drawings and then, for reproduction purposes, completed the artwork in black India ink, using either a brush or a metal-nibbed pen. Many favored a Winsor & Newton #3, Series 7 brush used in combination with a crowquill pen.

Today, cartoonists increasingly work in digital media. To illustrate the Blondie comic strip, the cartoonist John Marshall works directly on a Wacom tablet connected to his Macintosh computer.

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