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The Cajun Civet is a wily, but sometimes maniacal, who appears in Nico-land.His name comes from different things;

  • He is native to Southern Louisiana, meaning he has French desendants
  • He is great at cooking cajun cuisines
  • He knows the Cajun French language
  • He can dance the Cajun Jig and Jitterbug
  • He can play Cajun music with a fiddle


CC is a civet, as his name suggests, but it is unknown what species of civet he is. He resembles an Otter Civet by appearence, but has the face of a Banded Palm Civet, has the characteristics of a Masked Palm Civet, the nose of an African Civet, but was born at the same place as a Viverra(Southeast Asia), has the ears of an Asian Palm Civet. He also has other characteristics of animals from different genuses! He can flick his tongue like a snake, run like a pronghorn antelope, eat like a pig, hunt like a wolf, has eyesight of an eagle, the feet of a gecko, the strength of a rhinocerous beetle, jaws of an Alligator Snapping Turtle, laziness of a male lion, brains of a jellyfish, the voice of a howler monkey, and the dexterity of a chimpanzee.


Cajun Civet, although being born in Southeast Asia, it is revealed that he is a legal resident of Southern Louisiana. The Cajun Civet

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