Bologna on Sly(a pun on Bologna on Rye, fomerly known as Sole Food) is a 1971 film and the first film after the Walter Hedgehog series began.


The film begins with Xenophanes handing Walter their bills, and Walter is surprised to see the price! The price is over $5,000 dollars(although the exact price is not stated)!

In the following week, Walter decides to flee the country and change his name to ; Gohegdeh Retlaw(GO-PEG-DAH RENT-LAW; which is "Walter Hedgehog" backwards. Xenophanes states that it was a crazy idea, but Walter did it anyways, and Xenophanes chased after him to Russia.

However, their landlord, Ian Wolffee, finds out and with his assistant, Shackleford, they follow Walter(now Gohegdeh Retlaw) to Italy(similar to the previous film The Walter Hedgehog Movie). However. The Spring Penguin who is secertly hiding in cargo, listens to their convertation, and is later discovered as they go into a plane. Ian and Shackleford start interrogating The Spring Penguin, but the Spring Penguin keeps stalling them, but eventually, the Spring Penguin is tricked by Ian into telling the location of the hotel they were in, and Ian pushes the Spring Penguin out of the plane(but he survives) when they reach Lyon, France .

Xenophanes finds an Italian female named Simone in a restaurant, and later falls in love with her. But the feeling is not mutual since she is an agent of Ian. When Walter finds ou he informs Xenophanes. But however, Xenophanes thinks that he is lying, and puts a hole in him and Walter's "friendship". However, when Ian arrives on a helicopter when Simone scedules a "date" in an abandoned home, Ian climbs down the helicopter's ladders and reveals that Simone was his wife, Xenophanes goes into a psychic rampage and hits Ian's helicopter with the dinner table. The helicopter is hit and falls on Ian, who is know dead. When, Simone looks at Xenophanes, he is deeply enraged, and she leaves, not being seen again.

Walter calls The Spring Penguin in a nearby phone booth, asking for a ride. The Spring Penguin arrives driving a taxi and brings Xenophanes and Walter home. During the ride, Walter sees Xenophanes mad, and tries to cheer him up with the song You, you, you, and You.

Then, since the death of Ian, Walter's bills were cut to a more reasonable $530 dollars. (for at least)


Unknown- The Spring Penguin

Ian Wolfe- Ian Wolfe

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