Birman in his usual appearence

Birman(Bur Don Italiano Sydney Runt of the Litter Dux Stanley) is the archenemy of Ms. Hoo, and the secondary antagonist of Dagwood. He first appeared in the pilot, and was originally the main antagonist, while King Lionel, XII was originally a minor character, in which he was supposed to be planned to only appear in the third comic, Lion-scented feast. Bur Don(born in February 9th, 1999) shows many interests similar to Hoo, and, depending on how valuable, Birman would insist in stealing one of Ms. Hoo's treasures! There is controversy between Birman, for which he is not an actual Birman, showing no resemblance to one. He might either be a British Shorthair, Exotic Shorthair, or a Persian.

Background InformationEdit

Bur Don(February 9th, 1999) was born in Liverpool, England and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He was born to Alfred and Nicola Stanleys (née Puccini). His relatives included 2 sons and 4 daughters. Bur Don was the youngest brother and he was born with a slight dwarfism, hense his nickname Runt of the Litter. During his childhood, Stanley thought himself how to play a violin.

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