Bif and BoogleEdit

Bif and Boogle is a video game currently in development hell. It revolves around a walrus and an octopus-like alien fighting mutants created by the mischievious antagonist Paul Walrus.


Bif and Boogle began as a game idea called WizKing in 2008. The game was supposed to be an RPG about a wizard facing of against his evil brother while collecting magic maple leaves in an enchanted forest. The game was scrapped the next day due to the fact that the designer/programmer, Marley, didn't want to have to make a large game with spells involved, for he was seven at the time.

When Marley Jodice and co-creator Sage Levier were looking for a good protagonist for a new incarnation of WizKing, they set to drawing concept art.

A few weeks later Marley was playing the Freezeezy Peak level of Banjo Kazooie whereas the shaman Mumbo transforms Banjo into a walrus. He was then inspired to make Bif and Boogle.



Bif is a walrus and is one of the main characters in the game. He set out to find his girlfriend Susan after she was sent flying out of sight ater the impact of a meteorite containing Boogle's impact threw her.


Boogle is an eager, headstrong, green octopus that has a sqeaky voice and one eye. He came from Earth and arrived on Thorn on a meteor.


Paul is Bif's younger brother and creator of the mutants. He became corrupt when he accidentally injected himself with an unstable growth hormone that caused him to become mutated.

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