Angry Banjul

King Banjul(born November 19th, 1934) is the main character of early season 1-early season 2, until being proceeded by his son, Dakar, in this season. Banjul lives in Togolion where he was the 12th king. Dakar's best friend is Zoug, is a pathetic African Fishing Eagle who appearently enjoyed Banjul's company when they were children. Banjul's evil father, Cronus, made him flee away from Togolion, allegedly being thought he was killed, however, in early season 2, Banjul defeated Cronus and took his place as king.


Banjul is protrayed as a selfless, good-natured character, making him fit to be a great king. He has no flaws and is married to Queen Lucia. Banjul's first appearence was in the pilot, Cronus the King. Banjul was seen as a weak pup in the pilot, weighing at maximum 2 ounces. As an adult however, Banjul weighs about 450 pounds and is a large, muscular RacLion(Raccoon Dog-Lion hybrid, resembles mostly lion). However, as a pup, Banjul is

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