Archibald(born in January 18th, 1956) ارشيبالد, is the dimwitted sidekick of Zamboni in the Zamboni series. Archibald best friends are Zamboni and Gim(an imiagainary friend of Archibald's). Archibald is also the deuteragonist of Zamboni, next to Zamboni himself. Archibald is Zamboni's sidekick and the deuteragonist of the series. He first appeared in the third game Zamboni II. Although, he was a major character in his second appearance of the next game Zamboni III: King Archibald. This was the first game not to feature Zamboni himself! Archibald isn't very smart, and only has but two natural powers; tail whip and bite. His archenemy is obviously King Lionel, because he was the main antagonist of the first game he starred in. Archibald is a wolf, but not nearly as fierce/large as a real wolf. Archibald is timid, so his popularity isn't as big as Zamboni or Buzzard's. Archibald's second best friend, after Zamboni, is Gim.

Early LifeEdit

Archibald was

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