NEWFOUNDLAND ....OMG! It's a Newfoundland! Is that a Newfoundland?! I see him! He's right there! He looks like a big marshmallow covered in smoke! eeeee! I never met a burnt marshmallow before! You know, they look much bigger in person! an elephant! Yah...just like an elephant. Maybe a newfoundland is just a smallish Canadian elephant. Do Newfoundlands like peanuts? Or is that a personal dog allergy? Do elephants have allergies? He kinda looks like Kandula. Is Kandula allergic to anything? I hope not. I just fed him last week. Many animals are allergic to peanuts. Was it inherited? By whom? Why doesn't anyone say whom anymore? It's not like it's old. I mean, did the Old English World just think that "whom" was too ancient even for them? How dare they? I mean, whom is probably like the greatest word in our dear language. Just think about it. Which would you rather have in a language; who or whom? Who sounds like boo. Boo is what ghosts say in Halloween. Who(m) wants a scary language. Except the Gothics?...and the Germans, I mean, come on. Die is The in German, but in English, it means something else. Was Halloween created a German guy like Hans...von Die? Whom is Hans von Die? Yes, that is the correct usage of the word whom. I mean, the German equivalent of the word who is still die, while whom in German is wem. Why wem? Did I just use two words that begin with w in a two-word sentence? Why do the Germans pronounce a w as a v and a v as an f and an f is an....f. Weird...F is a consonant, so why do we say an F instead of a F?

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